We also offer demolition and trash removal/disposal services.

Our clients who hire us to handle the complete job from demo to final often inform us that the reason they chose to hire us for the demolition versus doing it themselves was for peace of mind just as much as it was to save their backs.

You see we pride ourselves on our demolition skills almost as much as we do our tile installation skills. Demolitions Skills?! Yes believe it or not there is a skill to proper demolition of tile, greenboard, bathtubs, plumbing, walls and ceilings. When we are discussing a partial remodel, one has to take care and precision to cut the old drywall right down the middle of the 2x4. If you just go in swinging away with a 12lb hammer, you might succeed in relieving your stress but you risk taking out perfectly good drywall and then having to purchasing extra materials, drywall mud, primer, paint, etc.


We take great care to seal off the demolition room from the rest of your home. No one wants or should have fine demolition dust drifting throughout their home. We can provide a HEPA air filter when needed.

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